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Apple Lightning SD Card Camera Reader USB 3 Review for iPad Pro

Apple’s updated Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader was quietly announced soon after the release of the iPad Pro – and whilst the box looks almost identical to the original – this now offers USB 3.0 speeds for iPad Pro users and backwards USB 2.0 compatibility for all other iOS devices. But...


Epic iPad Pro Review – Benchmarks – Camera & 4k Editing Test

In this EPIC iPad Pro review, benchmark, camera and 4k video editing test – I am going to give you my impressions of the new iPad Pro as well as some camera and video samples – but first let just get three things out of the way right now, as it is pretty much all other iPad Pro reviews...


The Epic Guide to VSCO for iOS and Android – In-Depth VSCO Tutorial

In this epic VSCO tutorial for iOS and Android, you will learn how to master VSCO app’s advanced camera and image editing features to have complete control of your photo’s final look and feel! VSCO (previously named VSCO Cam) is well known for its one tap vintage analogue film presets...


iKlips Flash Drive Review and Tutorial for iPhone and iPad

Whilst the iPhone and iPad’s price tag is growing each year, their internal storage isn’t. With the introduction of 12mpx stills and 4k video with the iPhone 6s & 6s Plus, it won’t take long until even the biggest iPhone/iPad capacity of 128gb is full and you encounter the painstaking...


How To Google Like A Pro – Top 10 Google Search Tips

Whilst we all know how to enter a basic search term into Google search and click through each page of results — this is not the best way to find exactly what you are looking for, as even obscure search terms can return literally millions of results, with the most linked to pages appearing...


How To Record Pro Audio on iPhone and iPad – Best Mics for iOS Audio

Welcome to Epic Tutorials where you will learn how to record pro audio on iPhone and iPad using a variety of different iOS compatible microphones. In the above video and this accompanying article we will show you how to record truly stunning audio that sounds so good, you will have a hard...