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Repix 1.3 - Download from the App Store:
Repix 1.3 – Download free from the App Store:

Repix - Inspiring Photo Editor - Sumoing Ltd

Recently Repix, the effects brush based image editing app for iPhone and iPad got an update to version 1.3 and added a bunch of really nice features including:

  • New unique Spotlight Filters. Direct the lights with a finger.

  • New handcrafted Frames tool. Pinch to adjust the frame size.

  • New design let you edit quicker and easier than ever

  • New adjustments tool with faster and more robust experience

  • New direct sharing to Flickr

  • Full support of Exif data

The ability to preserve Exif data (your photo’s metadata including gps, resolution, time of day etc) really is a great addition and for those iPhoneographers out there who like to move their images from app to app making more and more refinements without having this stripped, this is most welcome.

The Spotlight filters which are available as a $1.99 IAP (in-app purchase) are pretty neat and offer an intuitive way of highlighting an area of importance in your scene, but subtle they ain’t, so how often you will actually want to use them is another question:

Repix 1.3 adds new spotlight filters.
Repix 1.3 adds new spotlight filters.

The feature that sets this app apart from the hundred of other photo editing apps for iOS is the fx brushes and these really are pretty amazing. Now these are not image adjustment brushes like those found in iPhoto for example, but are entirely effects based so this is an app for creative experimentation rather than every day image adjustments/correction.

Some brushes are included in the free version of the app but others are available as in-app purchases with the following pricing:

Top In-App Purchases

  1. Light Brushes$1.99

  2. Master’s Collection$4.99

  3. Jazzy Filters$0.99

  4. Spotlights Filters$1.99

  5. Artistic Brushes$1.99

  6. Color Brushes$1.99

  7. Grunge Brushes$1.99

As IAP go, for the money you do get some really useful tools, and Repix allows you to test each fully before purchasing to make sure you really want it, something we wish all developers would do, so kudos to the developers for this.

The app is intuitive with a very short learning curve and breaks the editing options into 5 distinct categories:

  1. Filters (non- adjustable image filters akin to Instagram)

  2. Adjustments (access to brightness, contrast, temperature etc)

  3. Brushes (a wide range of fx brushes, some are IAP’s)

  4. Frame (add a border or frame to your image in black or white)

  5. Crop (crop presets like 1:1, 4:3, 16:9 or custom)

[tabs slidertype=”images” auto=”yes”] [imagetab width=”600″ height=”450″][/imagetab] [imagetab width=”600″ height=”450″][/imagetab] [imagetab width=”600″ height=”450″][/imagetab] [imagetab width=”600″ height=”450″][/imagetab] [imagetab width=”600″ height=”450″][/imagetab] [/tabs]

Now whilst it’s rock solid 95% of the time, during our testing of this app we did experience the odd crash which meant we lost our work when we reopened it. Having said this they were few and far between.

Also the maximum export resolution is 11.2 megapixels. We tested this by importing a 21mpx image from a Canon 5D mkii and edited it which was smooth and snappy, but it was down-sized upon export. With other editing apps like Handy Photo supporting up to 32mpx images, we hope Repix will increase the export size in the next update.

Overall this is a great app an example of what makes the iOS platform great for creative artist. We can easily recommend it and will give it 4/5

Repix - Inspiring Photo Editor - Sumoing Ltd


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