Learn iPhone and iPad Time Lapse – The Epic Guide to iPhone and iPad Time Lapse


Episode 1: How To Create an iPhone/iPad Time-Lapse Using OSnap! Tutorial



Episode 2: How To Create Tilt-Shift Time-Lapses – Miniatures Pro and TiltShift Video app Tutorials



Episode 3: Make Your iPhone Time-Lapses More Dynamic with The Camalapse 3



Episode 4: Learn Slow Shutter Long Exposure Time-Lapse – Magic Lapse App Tutorial



Episode 5: How To Import DSLR Images and Create a Time-Lapse On Your iPad – Frame Lab Time-Lapse Editor for iPad Tutorial


  1. Thanks for the great review of timelapse apps. I am currently using Lapse It Pro. It seems similar to OSnap. I’m not sure if you have any reasons for preferring one over the other.

    It seems you can do some interesting things exporting the raw photos taken by OSnap to Frame Lab’s editor. Am I correct that you could then add in panning and zooming effects? I notice that in your video showing off what can be done with timelpase apps (on a different page) you do have some panning/zooming going on. But your video of Frame Lab’s app did not cover panning.

    Here is what I am looking for. All the apps I have come across, including OSnap use the iphone’s video camera. The image is cropped and has less detail. Is anyone making an app for iphone that just shoots the raw photos in high quality? You could then send those over to Frame Lab.

    The other feature these shooting apps should have is a level. It’s really important,I have found, to get your frame nice and level and it is hard to do when you have your tripod in an awkward spot.

    Thanks again for the great work.

    • David,

      Thanks so much for your comment. It’s great to hear from fellow iOS time-lapse photographers.

      Framelab does indeed allow for the keyframing of zooming and panning! It’s one of it’s best features and sorry we didn’t have time to cover that in the video.

      We prefer OSnap over Lapse It Pro (which we used and tested at the time of producing this guide) because it does exactly what you want! It uses the iOS devices still camera (not video) and allows you to export each shot as an 8mpx still (on iPhone 4s and up – 5mpx on iPad) for importing into Frame Lab! How awesome is that? I just double checked and image size for each shot is exactly the same as if you took the picture using the Camera App (approx 1.5mb).

      Also OSnap has a range of overlay guides which can help with getting it level. Whilst it doesn’t have an actual “level” feature, it does have various grid overlays that are really useful for getting the horizon line level.

      Hope this helps you out. Please send through any links to your own iOS time-lapses via the contact page.

      • Very helpful Thanks. Today I downloaded a free version of OSnap. Before I read your comments, though, I concluded it was not going to work for me. You see, at least on the free version, the viewfinder is cropped the way the iphone is when it takes video. Now maybe the free version takes full 8MP photos. I cant tell because you cant export on the free version. Or maybe that is a feature of the full version.

        Anyway, on my own I discovered iLapse. It works very well. It also cost $2 here in Canada. It definitely outputs 8MP photos and they are definitely not cropped.

        So I’m pretty excited about putting together some time lapses using Frame Lab. But now I’m hesitating. The process of importing all those photos onto my iPad and then deleting them all again when my project is finished is just too daunting. It’s just so inelegant. I wish Apple would put an equivalent of the shift click onto the iPad.

        All this so I can pan and zoom on my video. Do you have any apps to suggest that can do only that? By that I mean pan and zoom an existing video. KInd of like what iMovie does with still photos. I know iMovie does not do that. Pinnacle is the other app I have tried but it does not do that either. What I’d lie to do is make a reasonable quality timelapse in OSnap and then have another app animate some panning/zooming.

        Sigh. I guess I just have to wait for part III of Eliot’s piece of filmmaking apps.

        One last thing, I’m pretty excited about the power of the new A7 chip. The iphone 5S can take 10 full resolution photos a second. If these apps are updated for the new hardware, rendering times should be greatly reduced. I always worry with these timelapse apps. They don’t always get updated. I guess it;s such a niche market that there is not enough money in it.


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