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  Ep 23. Applying Advanced Keyframe Animation with Pixelmator App for Selective Blur FX

In this tutorial you'll learn how to...

Nigel Vernon
Hi Eliot,

Very good. A big help for someone new to video editing. I have a question. I can't seem to get a title to fade in and out. Tried dropping a transition Dissolve on title but only wants to put it at one end???
Epic Tutorials
Hi Nigel. I just tested this with the most recent version of LumaFusion currently available on the App Store and was able to successfully add the cross dissolve transition on both ends of a title clip. It was however a little bit tricky on one end. I had to zoom in, tap to select the clip in the Timeline, then move the transition over the clip until it showed me the overlay graphic indicating I could add it.

I believe this has been addressed in version 1.3 which should be out soon. What device are you using LumaFusion on? I find this happens more on smaller screen devices like the iPhone SE (which I just used to test this) than on the Plus size phones, but zooming into the timeline by pinching usually solves any issues for me. Let me know how you get on.