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  Ep 1. Mastering the Basics

Krister M Berggren
Remark one: what a great app!
Remark two: what a great instructor!
Epic Tutorials
Thanks very much Krister :)
Jan Boesten
It's really great!
I enjoy it every day since my purchase.
Tomorrow I'm having my first shoot. So now I go through the manual again.
Try to find the settings for slowmotion....!
William Ruan
Porfirio Solorzano
Great tutorials. You are very thorough and fluent in your instructing. Thank you.
Question: Do you know if you lose quality when exporting your videos to, say, Google Drive, or anything else from the export bar? It doesn't downgrade it, does it? If I recorded in 4K and want to go to Premier Pro to edit, I want to keep the same quality throughout. I am exporting to Google Drive and then downloading to my external drive where I keep all my footage. I thought I had read that those cloud services downsize files, maybe to transfer quicker? I learned in this tutorial about going to iTunes to transfer, as well. That was awesome. Any quality loss there?
I sure am learning a lot from your courses. Thanks again!
Epic Tutorials
Hi, Porfirio. Great question. Going from iTunes to your computer there is no quality loss at all. I'm going to do some testing myself today with the cloud storage solutions because I have never actually used this for my FiLMiC footage due to the fact that broadband speeds in my area are too slow for this to be useful. I'll report back when I have tested more fully.
Shawn Moore
Quick question on exporting. I recently noticed a very subtle drop in a quality when uploading some Filmic footage to Facebook. I initially saved the footage to my camera roll and then accessed it in my MacBook before editing in FCP. Do you think this drop in quality was something to do with my Filmic settings (1080p/24fps), how it uploaded to Facebook or how I saved the initial footage (e.g. should I have connected a cable and dragged the file onto my MacBook etc)?
Epic Tutorials
Hi Shawn. Sorry for the late reply. It is most likely that Facebook is the culprit. Under 'Settings' in iOS > 'Facebook' > 'Settings' > 'Upload HD' should be turned on. Is that the case? If not, turn it on and see if it improves things.

Facebook will never preserve the quality of your original clip, so a slight drop is normal in my experience once Facebook recompresses it for display. Let me know if you did already have Upload HD enabled, and I'll do so more digging for you. Cheers.
Shawn Moore
No need to apologise, you're a busy man! Thanks for your reply though, much appreciated. I do have 'Upload HD' turned on (for photos+video) but I should have mentioned that I was uploading the clip via the Facebook desktop app as I'd edited it first in FCP. Are there any similar settings for that version that you know of?
Maria Cecilia de São Thiago
Great 👍🏻 !! Lots to learn 💎
Epic Tutorials
Thanks Maria. Really appreciate the feedback.
Jerome elliott
Hey elliot I see wer have the same name lol..
Wanted to say thanks for taking the time to do this,I'm new to this so bear with me I too would like to know if quality is lost when exported and are footage in raw?
Epic Tutorials
Hi, Jerome. Firstly, great last name 😉
If you are saving your clips to the FiLMiC Library (that means you don't have 'Save to Camera Roll' enabled under the 'Device' menu in Settings) then no quality is lost. You can then transfer them to your computer using method outlined in Ep 11.

If you are saving to your Camera Roll - it is *possible* that there could be some very minor quality loss, but I've not noticed it before.

Unfortunately iOS only supports H.264 video so it is impossible to save or export anything in RAW.
John Venables
I find the exposure reticle makes hardly any difference and is virtually unusable. That's on scenes with a wide range of exposure as well as those with homogenous exposure levels. Running a 5S with a fresh install of FmP on 16Gb with RAM purged per your latest advisory. And yes it is white , not red and locked!
Epic Tutorials
Hi John. Sorry to hear that. Working well for me on my iPhone 7+, 6s+ and iPhone SE. I'd recommend you get in touch with FiLMiC Pro support ( - hopefully they can either troubleshoot the issue with you or fix this in an update if it is a bug.
John Venables
Thanks. I think I found the bug - the exposure reticule doesn't work when the phone is set to HD 720. It seems to work OK at 1080. I have alerted support.
Epic Tutorials
That is awesome John! Well done. Your detective work tracking down the bug will no doubt help many other users once it is fixed in an update.
Shane Anthony Linder
John Venables
Be aware the bulk of the more advanced Live Analytic function won't work on a 5 or 5S. This message from our sponsor:
"Apologies for any confusion around this. The live analytics are quite cpu intensive and require an A8 chip or higher. The iPhone 5s has an A7 processor, the 5 is an A6 and the iPad 4 is an A6x.I will check with the social team to make sure they are doubly aware of those limitations."
Epic Tutorials
Unfortunately these features require a lot of CPU power to run. FiLMiC Pro mention this on the App Store update info so people can decided to update or not.
I like the changes from the previous version
Epic Tutorials
Yeah I'm a big fan. Having shot a lot with v6, it has speeded up my entire workflow and eliminated out of focus shots.
Henry Nwokobia
I really don't have filmic pro on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
But I can't afford an iPhone 6s right now. Are there issues in shooting 4k with your app on android ?
I want to make a purchase but my Nigerian bank has disallowed me from making payments from naira to dollars. But I intend to get another bank or buy with a friend's account in a bank that will allow naira to dollar exchange. Are there issues presently with your app and the note 5?
Epic Tutorials
Hi Henry. Just to clarify this isn't my app.
I don't own a Note 5 so can't help you. Hopefully someone else here can though.
Justin Pamenter
Great intro lesson.
Epic Tutorials
Thanks Justin. Appreciate it.
Justin Pamenter
I've sent you a LinkedIn invite Eliot...we have similar backgrounds working in education and training. Would like to chat with you more about your work.
Thank you sir , I love your filmic tutorials !
Epic Tutorials
You're welcome. Great to have you as part of the course.
Daris McKinney
Thanks for your years of iOS Tutorial, but most of all your FiLMiC Pro.
Epic Tutorials
Daris that is very kind of you. Thanks! Much appreciated.