Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Students 2013 – High School University and College



  1. These are all great apps. I use iAnnotate PDF all the time. Their latest upgrade was very useful. Evernote is good but I always find I stop using it after a while…
    What about some more apps to help us study during exams? I often use flashcards and tried out StudyBlue above, but can anyone recommend the flashcard app they use? – there are too many and some are very pricey:( I want to find an interesting ones that have flashcard games, mock tests and other stuff like that…

  2. I find iAnnotate PDF useful as you can import PDF’s, Word Documents and Powerpoint’s. The only feature I wish it did have was the continuos voice recording like Notability.

  3. StudyBlue is a great app that lets you create and save docs if flash cards.

    Also, I prefer InformantPro to keep my calendar. It’s $15, I believe, and is extremely customizable; I have my club meetings in one color and my classes in another and work in a third, which keeps it all from blurring together and allows me to look at my whole month easily. It also has a projects feature, where I input my syllabi as separate projects at the start of the semester and never have to look again to see what readings or homework are due when. There’s also a contact list, where I can input friend’s info, including their birthdays, and have it show up on my calendar with the age they’re turning. In addition, I can view each calendar separately, so I can just view my classes or my club or my work if necessary. I cannot recommend this app highly enough!

    Also, I like Pages; it’s low-cost and allows you to create word documents, essentially, or import them–just in case I do need to review a syllabus or for taking class notes.

    The last one is Files, which holds all of my PDFs beautifully and is super-easy for reading them.

  4. I would add, iWork pages or docstogo or quick office, for report writing, pen ultimate and my script calculator

  5. Great list, thank you.

    However, I still prefer PowerPoint over Keynote. An app that helps with that is Presentation Note.

    With it, you can transfer PowerPoints and PDFs from your PC/Mac or even import from DropBox and similar services, and present directly from the iPad with really useful in app tools. You can even control the app with your iPhone with a companion app called Presentation Note Remote.


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