Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Students 2013 – High School University and College



Here are our top iPhone and iPad apps for students in high school or college/university that will help you stay on track, save time, be more creative in your presentation and help you work more efficiently, without putting a dent in that instant noodle fund (well a slight dent).

1. iStudiez Pro ($2.99 - iPhone/iPad universal app)


This makes it to just about every online must have education app list but for a good reason - it’s really good. It makes scheduling your classes, keeping track of your assignments, tracking grades and staying on top of your busy schedule easy. It is available on iPhone, iPad and Mac and automatically syncs across all your devices so you will never miss a beat.

Download link for USA: iStudiez Pro - iStudiez Team

Download link for Australia: iStudiez Pro - iStudiez Team

2. GoodReader ($5.49 each - iPhone & iPad)

Chances are you are going to get a lot of PDF’s from your institution, lecturers and friends (especially when faced with buying that marketing textbook for $200). It does so much we can’t list it all here but some of it’s main features include:

  • The ability to annotate PDF’s
  • Create folders; move, copy and rename your files; zip, email, unzip and unrar them
  • Send your files to other apps; sync your files with Dropbox, SkyDrive, SugarSync,, and any other WebDAV, AFP, SMB, FTP or SFTP server
  • Play audio and video files

And don’t be fooled in to thinking this is only good for PDF’s! It will read the following formats:

  • MS Office - .doc, .ppt., .xls
  • iWork ’08/’09
  • HTML and Safari web archives
  • High resolution images
  • Even audio and video!

Trust us, you will wonder how you ever studied without it.

Download link for USA: GoodReader for iPhone - Good.iWare Ltd.

Download link fos Australia: GoodReader for iPad - Good.iWare Ltd.

3. Keynote ($9.99 - iPhone/iPad universal app)

If you need to give a presentation then this is the best app there is. Incredibly powerful yet easy to use, it will allow you to deliver stunning, memorable presentations complete with animated builds, transitions, sound and video. You can even touch and drag on a slide to activate the laser pointer! Epically awesome, this is worth every cent.

Download link for USA: Keynote - Apple
Download link for Australia: Keynote - Apple

4. Smart Writing Tool - 7notes HD Premium ($10.49 - iPad only)

Aside from the app stores longest and least memorable name, this app features the iPad’s most advanced handwriting recognition technology so you can write away with a stylus (or your finger if you are into that sort of thing) and this will magically convert it into text! We absolutely love this app as there are times when we just want to write and not type.

It allows you to mix input types if you feel like switching to a normal keyboard, or you can even take notes and then convert them later. It does support dropbox sharing and with an additional add on for $7.49 you can share with Evernote.

Download link for USA: Smart Writing Tool - 7notes HD Premium - 7knowledge International Corporation
Download link for Australia: Smart Writing Tool - 7notes HD Premium - 7knowledge International Corporation

5. Notability ($1.99 - iPad only)

This really is the mother of all note taking apps. It allows you to capture and organise ideas in any way you like whether that’s using plain text, handwritten notes (it does not have handwriting recognition like 7notes), drawings and doodles, audio recordings or a combination of all the above!

You can insert pictures from your photo library or instantly snap one on your iPad’s built in camera. One of the coolest features is the linked audio recording so you can tap a note and hear exactly what was said by your teacher or lecturer when you wrote it. It will also sync with Dropbox or Google Drive so your work is always backed up.

Download link for USA: Notability - Take Notes & Annotate PDFs with Dropbox & Google Drive Sync - Ginger Labs
Download link for Australia: Notability - Take Notes & Annotate PDFs with Dropbox & Google Drive Sync - Ginger Labs

6. iTunes U (FREE - iPhone/iPad universal app)

This app from Apple gives you access to a huge range of courses in just about any subject you can think of from leading universities such as Harvard, Stanford, HACC, La Trobe, RMIT, the list goes on. It also features content for high school, and any educational institution can register to deliver their course to students through the iTunes U platform, which is very cool.
Download link for USA: iTunes U - Apple
Download link for Australia: iTunes U - Apple

7. iThoughts HD mindmapping ($9.99  iPad - $7.99 iPhone)

Probably the most advanced and fully featured mindmapping app available on the iPhone and iPad. More of a learning curve than the usual mind mapping apps but this pays off big time. You can import and export using all the most common formats including Freemind, Novamind, MyThoughts and even Excel, Keynote and Powerpoint!

Download link for USA:iThoughtsHD (mindmapping) - CMS
Download link for Australian: iThoughtsHD (mindmapping) - CMS

8. Numbers ($9.99 -iPhone/iPad universal app)

Spreadsheets for the rest of us! You don’t need to be an advanced math student to get up and running with Apple’s beautifully designed and powerful spreadsheet app which has some great templates or you can start from scratch. You can work on spreadsheets created on your desktop and it will also import Excel and CSV files. You can even add photos and videos and it comes with ability to to assemble formulas with over 250 functions. Winning!

Download link for USA: Numbers - Apple
Download link for Australian: Numbers - Apple

9. Permanent - The New Spreadsheet ($19.99 - iPad only)

If Number’s is too Apple for you, then check out Permanent, the new spreadsheet app on the block with a high price tag at twice the price of Apple’s contender. It’s early days yet and the developers of Permanent have a long list of what will be included in future versions including:

  • Persistent script files
  • Graphs, Charts
  • Full in-app list of formula functions and descriptions
  • Import/Export Permanent Files
  • Import/Export CSV
  • Import/Export Excel XLSX Files
  • Import/Export ODF Open Document XML Files
  • Grouping of Projects
  • Keyboard key bindings
  • Undo/Redo for heavy-duty Table changes and updates
  • Cell styling: background colors, widths, heights, etc.
  • Row/Column styling: width/height
  • Special column types: dates, etc.
  • Over 200 new Formula Functions
  • iCloud, Dropbox, G Drive, & SkyDrive Support

At present it lacks all of these features but does offer an incredible UI optimised for a touch interface and 25 functions/formulas as well as persistent undo (really cool) and even a presentation mode.
This app is very much one to watch but if you want all the promised features sooner rather than later, jump on the bandwagon now and support the developers.

Download link for USA: Permanent - Spreadsheet Document Editor & Viewer - Permanent Co.
Download link for Australian: Permanent - Spreadsheet Document Editor & Viewer - Permanent Co.

10. TextGrabber + Translator ($4.99 - iPhone/iPad universal app)

This app is made by ABBYY who make fantastic OCR (optical character recognition) for the Mac and PC and this uses that very same technology. It will even convert text in other languages and translate it for! Easy to use and damn accurate (ocr is never 100% accurate no matter what a company might claim) this is a great way to take a section from a library book and edit it in any word processor. It also allows you to upload to Evernote, copy text to the clipboard or share via Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS.

Download link for USA: TextGrabber + Translator - ABBYY
Download link for Australian: TextGrabber + Translator - ABBYY

11. EasyBib (FREE - iPhone/iPad universal app)

Now sadly this little app hasn’t been updated for quite some time so it doesn't look as nice as it should on your iPhone 5, but it is still insanely useful and works really well. Just take a pic of your books bar-code and it will generate references in MLA, APA or Chicago and let you email it to yourself for inclusion in your essay.
Download link for USA: EasyBib - Imagine Easy Solutions
Download link for Australian: EasyBib - Imagine Easy Solutions

12. Evernote (FREE & Paid - iPhone/iPad universal app)

We are sure you already use Evernote on your desktop or laptop so we won’t go into this in detail. In short, if you want to have access to your documents on any platform (mac, windows, android or ios) this a must have app. It allows you to keep your docs synced, fully tagged and searchable. You can also record audio notes (or record your lectures) and share your notes publicly online. The main issue is that unless you pay for the premium version you can’t edit your work offline and the prices for premium change based on country.

Download link for USA: Evernote - Evernote
Download link for Australian: Evernote - Evernote


  1. These are all great apps. I use iAnnotate PDF all the time. Their latest upgrade was very useful. Evernote is good but I always find I stop using it after a while…
    What about some more apps to help us study during exams? I often use flashcards and tried out StudyBlue above, but can anyone recommend the flashcard app they use? – there are too many and some are very pricey:( I want to find an interesting ones that have flashcard games, mock tests and other stuff like that…

  2. I find iAnnotate PDF useful as you can import PDF’s, Word Documents and Powerpoint’s. The only feature I wish it did have was the continuos voice recording like Notability.

  3. StudyBlue is a great app that lets you create and save docs if flash cards.

    Also, I prefer InformantPro to keep my calendar. It’s $15, I believe, and is extremely customizable; I have my club meetings in one color and my classes in another and work in a third, which keeps it all from blurring together and allows me to look at my whole month easily. It also has a projects feature, where I input my syllabi as separate projects at the start of the semester and never have to look again to see what readings or homework are due when. There’s also a contact list, where I can input friend’s info, including their birthdays, and have it show up on my calendar with the age they’re turning. In addition, I can view each calendar separately, so I can just view my classes or my club or my work if necessary. I cannot recommend this app highly enough!

    Also, I like Pages; it’s low-cost and allows you to create word documents, essentially, or import them–just in case I do need to review a syllabus or for taking class notes.

    The last one is Files, which holds all of my PDFs beautifully and is super-easy for reading them.

  4. I would add, iWork pages or docstogo or quick office, for report writing, pen ultimate and my script calculator

  5. Great list, thank you.

    However, I still prefer PowerPoint over Keynote. An app that helps with that is Presentation Note.

    With it, you can transfer PowerPoints and PDFs from your PC/Mac or even import from DropBox and similar services, and present directly from the iPad with really useful in app tools. You can even control the app with your iPhone with a companion app called Presentation Note Remote.