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Best Filmmaking Apps for iPhone & iPad 2013 Pre-Production – Production – Post Production


Best Filmmaking Apps for iPhone and iPad 2013 – Part 1: Pre-Production

Welcome to Epic Tutorials Best Filmmaking Apps for iPhone & iPad in 2013 where we show you how to use the incredible filmmaking tool you already own: your iPhone or iPad.

In this first of our three part best filmmaking app series, we are going to show you how to make epic iOS movies without ever needing a computer, all the way from pre-production and scripting and storyboarding your iPhone or iPad movie, through to filming using an iPhone and iPad and finally editing, colour grading and mixing using an iOS device.

We have literally spent hundreds of dollars and hours testing every iPhoen and iPad filmmaking app we could get our hands on, and these are the best of the best, tried and tested and all have been used to produce our film How To Film Like A Pro on iPhone and iPad, that used only an iPhone and iPad with no computers allowed at any stage

Links to the apps are in the article below so just tap “Download on the App Store” icon below each app and it will open iTunes for you with the App ready to go.

Best Filmmaking Apps for iPhone and iPad 2013 Pre-Production:

Scripts Pro

Download Scripts Pro from the App Store:
Download Scripts Pro from the App Store:


This is a rock solid solution. Just tap + to create a new script and then you can tab through the different script elements such as Scene Headings, Action and Character and it will do all the formatting for you. It also features auto-complete which will save you a lot of time with character names.

You can reorder scenes just by dragging and dropping them and this app supports export via email and dropbox in a wide range of formats including Final Draft, Celtx and PDF making it the perfect cross platform collaboration solution.

Plus this app supports icloud sync so you can start on your iPad and continue working from your iPhone, always having the most up to date version. Nice!

Paper by FiftyThree

Download Paper by Fiftythree from the App Store:
Download Paper by Fiftythree from the App Store:


If you want a simple yet powerful free storyboarding app on your iPad then get yourself Paper by FiftyThree. It does have some extra brushes as in app purchases which are worth every cent but everything you need to start storyboarding comes in the free version.

The ink engine is probably the best ever on an iOS app, with every single one of them feeling natural which means you end up with something much nicer than the ugly pencil drawn scribbles you are used to, or in my case only slightly less ugly.

When you’re done just tap share to email your storyboard as a PDF to your cast and crew. You can even upload to your Tumblr blog.

Cinemek Storyboard Composer HD

Download on the App Store:
Download on the App Store:


Now if you want the ultimate in paid storyboarding then the best app in the world is Cinemek Storyboard Composer HD.

This app allows you to import images from your camera roll and add animated camera moves like dollies and tracking shots and adjust the start and end framing, you can set a shot duration, add texts and even record audio. To view your animatics just tap “watch” at any point to play back your work.

When your happy you can save this as a quicktime movie or as a PDF to Cinemek’s servers and have it available online to share with your cast and crew for up to 48 hours or download it to keep a permanent copy. This is the easiest way to create professional animatics and is a must for any serious filmmaker wanting to ensure their next film is a success.

Shot Lister

Download from the App Store:
Download from the App Store:


If you want to stay on schedule then you need a shot list, but forget about doing it by hand. Shot Lister is the best app around makes creating shot lists an absolute breeze.

This app lets your start by adding a new project, and then your scenes. Within each scene you can enter each shot including information like a description, shot size, gear, location and much much more. When your scene is fully populated with all your shots assign it to a “shoot day” and set durations for each shot.

When you are on set you can enter Live Mode which tells you in real time if you are ahead or behind schedule as you tick off each shot as it’s captured. Sweet.

Sun Seeker

Sun Seeker icon


A key factor in planning your shoots is knowing where the sun will be at any point during the day and best way to find that out is with the Sun Seeker Augmented reality app.

This allows you to hold your camera up on either your iPhone or iPad and have the suns path plotted for you in real time. You can do this days or even weeks ahead of your shoot, save it as a map and attach to your shot list or email to your cast and crew. Tapping info will give you really handy info like sunrise and sunset times and this can be included in your shot list.

Finally, you never have to put up with hideous backlighting ever again.

Shot Designer

Shot Designer icon


Finally you want to block your shots. This is something that’s normally a real pain but not if you get the Shot Designer app by Hollywood Camera Work available for both iOS and Android.

You can import a topographic map or create your set by tapping with the line tool, add characters, lights, cameras and much more and then animate their movement through the scene. Best of all this is available on both your iOS devices and your computer so you can effortlessly work across platforms.

Part 2: Best Apps for iPhone and iPad Filmmaking 2013 – Production

And CUT!

So these are our list of the best iPhone & iPad apps for pre-production filmmaking in 2013, but more importantly what are yours? Let us know in the comments below or on our epic video that this article was based on that can be view at the top of this page or on Youtube.


  1. Hey dude 😉 I’m 14 years old. In my freetime I make reeeeaaaly cool skate videos.. ONLY WITH MY IPAD MINI!!! Thanks for your vids, they are helpful 😀
    Greetings from Germany 🙂

  2. Hi Eliot

    Great video mate!

    Even before you put part 3 out, I agree with Pinnacle Studio; I have it on my iPhone and use it to piece together and add text etc from my motorbike helmet camera. Can be a bit fidgety but has good features.

    I was also using Reel Director but it seems to be off the App Store and keeps crashing now.


  3. First: THANK YOU for your great overview of apps in your first two “Best Filmmaking Apps” videos. Next: are you still planning to release the postproduction video? I’d be very interested in hearing your recommendations. As a complete novice filmmaker, I found your review of different apps for preproduction and production extremely accessible and helpful. Thank you!!

    • Yes we are planning to do post-production and update our previous videos for 2014 soon. If you want to get started here are a few of the post-production apps I love:
      1. iMovie for iOS
      2. Pinnacle Studio for iPad
      3. Video Grade

      Thanks for commenting 🙂 Will let you know when new videos are up.

  4. Hallo,

    I am a military vet and inspiring film maker currently in Germany. I too would like to know what’s the best post production app available? Movie Looks HD has been giving me some promblems lately.

    • Great to hear from a young iOS filmmaking and in Australia of all places! 🙂
      Realistically in about 3 weeks but I will email you with the apps we will be featuring so you can take a look yourself. Thanks for commenting mate.


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